Good loft insulation will save you money


Check loft insulation in the homeUp to a quarter of your home’s heat can be lost through your roof, so it makes sense to check that your loft insulation is up to the job.

Ideally your loft should have around 270mm of insulation, but if your home has less than 100mm you really need to get it topped up. If you’re not sure, it might be worth your while popping up into the loft to check.

Whilst you’re there, check that your loft insulation is well fitted, with no gaps where warmth can escape, and that your water pipes are well covered too. Check for signs of vermin as mice, rats and bats often seek shelter in lofts during the cold months and can cause damage to insulation and wiring.

Some of the big energy providers are offering free loft insulation in order to fulfil their obligation to make homes more energy efficient. They have targets to reach and are fined if they don’t achieve them.

To find out if you’re eligible all it takes is a phone call to The Energy Saving Trust on one of these numbers: England – 0300 123 1234, Wales – 0800 512 012 or Scotland – 0808 808 82

A well-insulated loft will make a huge difference to your comfort and energy bills. If your current insulation is looking the worse for wear, then I would recommend you take action and call in a professional.

A really good way to add insulation and accommodation is a proper loft conversion which can provide extra living space and a great deal of insulation to the original space below. Contact us for an estimate.

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