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Interior designThe internet and social media is really accelerating the rate of change in interior design trends. Now beautiful ideas can be spread across the world in a matter of moments and researching different ideas has never been easier. A steady increase in DIY and home renovation TV shows over the past years has meant that people aren’t afraid to try out a new colour on the walls to see if it will work, or to paint existing furniture for a whole new look; upcycling allows us to feel good by doing our bit for the environment whilst giving a new look to our homes.

When I was growing up, we were very happy living in small rooms that were set out for a particular purpose, but in more recent times we’ve embraced open-plan living, with multipurpose rooms giving the feeling of space whilst fostering the feeling of togetherness. The good news is that with the help of a good builder, plasterer and decorator either is possible.

2014 is seeing some notable changes in interior design trends. The minimalist look is leaving us behind as people are starting to experiment with new and old styles. Designers are reintroducing timeless bold patterns into our homes and are adding splashes of colours on walls that were previously our favourite shade of beige.

People are starting to crave a more homely feel again. You’ll find a modern take on timeless patterns appearing throughout homes across the country. Back in are elegant floral patterns that can add a softness and a touch of class to your home or if you want to be reminded of far-away places you’ll find an abundance of ethnic patterns to add a tropical touch. Why not be bold with your choice of patterns and have an array of mismatched but complementary patterns on your soft furnishings. A good place to start is with a mood board. This will allow you to see if everything works together, before you invest a lot of time and money.

Blues are a popular choice for this season. A myriad of different shades of blue create a beautiful backdrop throughout the home. Darker blues compliment lighter blues, with turquoise creating a bright and bold statement. Navy is huge this season, in homes and on the cat walks. It really is the new beige; it’s safe, calming and neutral – but go easy with it as even the brightest of rooms will struggle if you use too much of it!

Black and white is still with us, but these colours have changed and evolved. We’re not seeing the clinical, highly contrasting black and white that features in minimalist homes, but much softer shades from the spectrum that can be found in chic Parisienne apartments.

If blue, black and white isn’t your thing then that really doesn’t matter. You can accent your home with a palette of complimentary colours that add a touch of playfulness and happiness to your life. It’s a chance for you to express yourself and create your own haven. Rule book? What rule book!

Textures are also becoming bolder in 2014. You‘ll find everything from cowhide to velvet. Corduroy is a huge hit this season, with the soft, durable fabric being used on a whole range of furnishings. Don’t be afraid of piling on different textures for an extra-cosy effect.

Natural materials are still very popular with the honey and caramel of oak and cherry coming to the fore. These woods not only look fantastic, but are very durable; this trend has been gradually building and it looks like it’s here to stay for a while.

The economic recession has really boosted the second hand market, and unique, vintage items of furniture add a real talking point to your home. If you keep your eyes open in second hand shops and antique markets you may be lucky enough to come across something beautiful that you can guarantee no one else will have. That perfect vintage piece of furniture will reflect your style and the character of your home, but will also bring your home bang up to date.

Re-decorating is something that householders often do themselves, but if you want a really professional finish, or you can’t bear the thought of an extended period of living with dustsheets everywhere, then consider employing a professional such as KJ Hill,  who can also take care of any re-plastering that may be needed in order to create your perfect canvas.

If you’re lucky enough to be planning more extensive re-modelling such as a house extension, loft conversion, garage conversion or maybe even a complete new build then contact us to discuss your requirements, needs and dreams! We can look after all your general building requirements.

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