How to reduce stress and get the house of your dreams


MeditationIt’s widely reported that the top 5 stressful life events are:

  1. Death of a loved one
  2. Divorce
  3. House move
  4. Major illness
  5. Job loss

As I was pondering these life events I realised that some of them are inter-related. Anyone that has ever moved will know how stressful it can be. Couples splitting up and divorcing after moving house isn’t as uncommon as you might think. The stress of any of these could be enough to bring on a major illness. A job loss could result in down-sizing and necessitate a house move. The death of a loved one might result in any of the other four. It’s easy to see where a downward spiral starts and it could so easily happen to any of us.

Sadly we can’t help with four out of the five events, but we do have some suggestions for how to avoid a house move if your current home isn’t suiting your current needs.

So you have been in your present house for a few years but now children (or more children) have come along – or your lifestyle has grown to include entertaining groups of friends. Your present location suits perfectly – the schools are great, commuting is minimal, you like (perhaps love) the area – you don’t want to move – and anyway to do so would cost a fortune.

Why not use the money you would lose on a house move – solicitors, tax, removals, redecorating and refurnishing the new property etc. etc. – (not to mention the stress) and simply adapt your current property. Well OK, it may not be that simple – but in the hands of a good builder it could be more do-able than the moving option.

These options include extending the main house, e.g. alongside or upwards, converting a garage or loft, knocking through rooms, putting in larger windows or ceiling light guides, adding a conservatory, opening out a room or rooms to the outside world with big sliding patio or bi-fold doors.

Not only does the money go into your property rather than outside agencies, but you also get to stay in the location that you know and love. What could you do to your house that would make it work better for you?


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