floor tiles



floor tiles in living roomTiles may not seem like the natural choice for a living room, but they can be a wonderful interior design choice. The main downside of tiles in a living room is that they can be cold; therefore often under-floor heating is considered with a tiled floor. Before you look into what tiles to go for, discuss with your builder what will be suitable for an under-floor heating system.

Slate, ceramic or stone tiles can work brilliantly in a stylish home and make a dramatic statement. Slate and stone are well suited to a traditional British home, and the colours that are available in ceramic are perfect if your home is inspired by the Mediterranean. Due to the quality of the materials and the installation costs, tiles are an expensive option, but they’re a great investment and very long lasting.

Tiles are easy to clean and maintain, provided you’re aware of any furniture that could scratch them. They can feel cold underfoot, but a thick rug will add comfort, warmth and cosiness. A tiled living room may not be suitable for young families, due to the bumps and bruises that may occur, although spillages can be easily mopped up. It’s also very unforgiving if anything is dropped, so if you’re a little accident prone, it probably wouldn’t be the best option for you.