Check the GuttersThere aren’t many things that you can guarantee, but I think it’s a safe bet that winter will bring rain, and maybe snow. So before winter sets in it’s a good idea to clear your gutters and check them regularly, especially through autumn when the leaves are falling. If you have a build-up of wet leaves over the winter this adds considerable weight to your gutter and is likely to cause you problems.

If gutters become clogged you could find water running down the outside of your home, which is both annoying and hugely detrimental to your property as it can cause damp, ruin your decoration and even cause mould growth.

Clearing your roof of excess moss, which can get knocked off by heavy rain and end up in your guttering, is also a good winter safeguard. Moss thrives in shady positions, so if you want to reduce the amount that grows on your roof, cutting back overhanging trees is a good idea.

Lastly, check that your guttering is secure, without cracks. There’s no point keeping it clear if at the first sign of high winds it ends up in your garden!

If you find that short term house maintenance is not enough to make your home comfortable, then perhaps it is worth considering a renovation project. Contact us for advice – it may be that a strategic face-lift to roof, gutter, brickwork and rendering will be good value in the long term.


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