Light up your home with a new windowThe depths of winter are when we really notice that the lovely home that we bought in the middle of summer is actually a cave in winter.

Natural light is so important for our well-being, and our dull, dreary winters often leave us desperate for spring and sunlight. If your home is particularly short on daylight there are alterations that you can do to make your home brighter. Here are a few suggestions that we might be able to help you with:

Glass is your friend
Add windows and glass doors to flood your room with extra light. Kitchens and lounges are the obvious places, but don’t forget halls, stairs and landings. They’re often dark, but can help light the rest of your house. Skylights and Light Tubes are also wonderful ways to get more light into your home.

Remove obstructions
Do you really need that door or that wall? If not, consider having them removed. Small rooms are notorious for being dark, so taking down unnecessary partitions will instantly open up your house and maximise on space and light.

Clever decorating
Painting your wall a light, bright colour will instantly lift a dark room, but sometimes it just isn’t enough. If this is the case for you, why not consider embracing the dark and enhancing it? Use deep colours that will make your room oh so cosy, but fill it with atmospheric lighting such as candles, lamps and spotlights. Gorgeous textures will also work well, and will add a luxurious feel to this kind of room.

To find out if your house is suitable for alterations such as adding windows, skylights and light tubes, or removing partitions, give us a call on 01234 765050 and we can help.


Check for drafty gaps in the homeIf you live in a drafty house, but you’re not sure where the cold air is coming from, you can smoke them out!

On a cold day light an incense stick and once it’s smouldering nicely, move it towards the edges of windows and doors. If there’s no draft the smoke will rise, but if there is one the smoke will be blown horizontally. Typically the gaps will be where a unit is hinged, or two panels meet.

Once you know where your problem areas are you can then treat them either with caulk or weather strips.

Drafty doors and windows make for uncomfortable living conditions and expensive heating bills.

Wood has a tendency to warp and change size depending on the humidity. If you suspect this is happening then a coat or two of specialist paint could be all that is needed to solve it.

If your problem is that there is a poor seal around your door that’s letting in unwanted drafts, then adding draft excluders will make a huge difference.

Original windows are notorious for sending cold air into your home. Double glazing is a must for thermal efficiency, but if your budget won’t stretch to that, then thick heavy curtains will certainly help, as will draft excluders. I would suggest you need to budget for upgrading your windows.

Even these “quick fixes” may not improve the situation enough – in which case we can help with new windows and doors, perhaps as part of an extension or conversion.