wood laminate

Wood Laminate


laminate flooringWood laminate flooring is one of the cheaper interior design options. If cost is a major factor when you’re renovating your home, then laminate is an affordable, clean and stylish option, which is also easy to install. Laminate flooring can be susceptible to scratches and damage, but it’s very easy to keep clean and mop up any spillages, making it a great option for young families.

Again, you will get what you pay for with wood laminate. Expect the more expensive options to be more durable and have an overall better finish. However, if you’re renovating a home for resale, or your living room won’t experience much footfall then a cheaper laminate flooring option will provide a good, clean, neutral finish.

It’s also a good option for serial decorators; if you change the colour of your walls on a whim, then neutral flooring will see you through many a re-design.