Top 6 Tips to help sell your home


Sell your homeIn our blogs we talk about making changes to your home to make it work better for you, but for some people this isn’t possible or maybe it’s the location that you don’t like? So, you’ve made the decision to move, but how do you get your home ready to sell? Here are our top tips…

Improve the outside and boost kerb appeal
Stand at your gate and look at your home. What do you see? Peeling paint, dead plants, weeds, grass in need of cutting? These are simple things to address but will mean your potential purchasers will be walking through your door excited to see if this is the home for them. A poor exterior is likely to make them wonder if the inside is just as bad.

Time to tackle those repairs
You might find that dripping tap or squeaky door easy to ignore, but a prospective buyer will notice it, and it might start them wondering what else you’ve failed to maintain. Getting on top of these small jobs will mean that buyers aren’t detracted from seeing the best that your home has to offer.

Too much clutter makes your home feel smaller
Before putting your house on the market, why not visit a show-home on a new development. Notice how tidy everything is and how little clutter there is. It’s easy for them, they don’t have a family living there, but in reality, that could be your competition. Take a walk around your house with a critical eye. What do you have out that could be put away, or even into storage? Remember that your potential buyer is trying to imagine themselves in your home, so leave them some space!

Create a homely feel
If it’s cold outside, make sure your house is warm; light a fire if you have one. If your house doesn’t have much natural light, turn all the lights on before any potential buyers arrive, also brew a pot of coffee and put some bread in the oven – they’re old chestnuts, but they work!

I think that dogs and cats can be great companions, but not everyone agrees. Some people think they’re dirty, smelly and flea ridden. Now, yours obviously aren’t, but your potential buyer may not realise that, so if you have the option, when they’re due to visit, why not get someone to take Fido for a walk, or suggest to Tiddles that she plays out in the garden. It goes without saying that smelly litter trays should be removed and the room well aired.

Updates worth considering
If you’re home décor is tired and your garden overgrown, consider spending some time getting them “sale ready.” Inside your home, consider redecorating and adding new carpets – neutral is the look you’re going for. It means that people can move in and take their time adding their own touches, rather than feeling that everything has to be done immediately. This can be off-putting to the average home buyer.

Externally, low maintenance is key. Most people love a nice garden, but not everyone wants to spend every weekend keeping it looking that way. Your local garden centre can advise you on which plants require little or no maintenance – some of these, along with a nice lawn (if it’s a family home) and maybe some herbs and you’re ready to go.

It really is worth making some of these updates if you want to achieve the best possible price for your home in the shortest amount of time. Good luck, and do remember us when you find your new home and are considering any work. We can help you with garage and loft conversions, re-plastering walls, extensions or indeed new builds.

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